Still Life: Vanessa Saba

Still Life: Vanessa Saba

A grouping of small, sentimental treasures that I tuck into The Pouch alongside the mundane, modern essentials.

Frog talisman
The frog represents many things across cultures, and in most it has a female presence as a symbol of water, renewal, fertility and the female energy yin. I think of it as a little good luck.

When I first moved to NY, over ten years ago now, I didn’t have an iPhone. I used to write down train directions to wherever I was going, along with grocery lists or random thoughts, in a small notebook. I still find myself wanting a place to jot down notes and lists, and this notebook brings back fond memories of what seemed to be simpler days. If I’m lucky, I’ve remembered to pack a pen too.

Oil Blend
A childhood friend made this oil for me; it’s an unexpected combination of lavender, cedarwood, citrus, and ocotea, among others. It’s intended to calm the mind.

My daughter is always picking up little rocks and pebbles on our walks. I often reach into a pocket or into my pouch to discover that I’ve saved one along the way.

We just moved into a new apartment, and we keep finding pennies everywhere - on the stoop, in the entryway, on the windowsills. I've started to carry one with me.


Vanessa Saba is an art director and one half of Ensemble Studio.