Porto is a carbon neutral company.

In partnership with Pachama, we calculate our operational carbon footprint in order to totally neutralize our environmental impact and preserve critical wildlife habitat. 

We invite our community into our environmental efforts by planting one tree for every order with One Tree Planted.  



We believe sustainability begins with the intention to create value through understated and enduring designs.



Every material is chosen with attention given to source, longevity, and sustainability. We partner with decades-old, family-run Italian tanneries and mills. Our tannery is LWG-certified, REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, and Restriction of Chemicals) compliant, and adheres to the strictest E.U. guidelines to protect human health and the environment. 

Nappa sheep leather: byproduct of the food industry; treated with chrome in order to lend it a supple quality, uniform coloring, and longer life. 

Cotton: GOTS-certified organic and biodegradable.



The collection is made by hand in small batches at a family-run factory in Tuscany. This is gentler on the environment as well as the skilled craftspeople responsible.



Our packaging is crafted only with recycled (and recyclable) materials. Each shipment includes a FSC-certified recycled notecard, care card, tissue paper, and sticker—all made from 100% recycled pulp that is acid-free and chlorine-free—within a biodegradable shipping box.