Porto is a study in travel: each move a form of exploration and each day an array of textures, impressions, and experiences.

Beginning with its signature take on the pouch, Porto explores opposing elements—stillness and movement, strength and softness, interiority and exteriority—while striving to make travel effortless.

Porto takes its name from its Latin form, Porto/Portare, meaning “I carry” and “to carry,” which is related to the Greek word Peiro, “I traverse.” 

Porto believes in carefully choosing not only the objects we carry, but also the words, images, and emotions that constitute our thoughts and memories, collected from years of moving through life.

On Wabi-sabi

Wabi-sabi is a quiet, inward feeling inspired by natural beauty.

It is the way my great-grandmother would look out the window, for seconds or an hour, observing water beading on petals during a rainstorm. If she didn't teach me how to notice and appreciate, it is something I like to think I inherited from her. Wabi-sabi is a way of seeing.

And that is what we reach for with Porto. Through a focus on natural materials, hand craftsmanship, and respect for the earth, we are creating a brand that inspires a different kind of awareness as you move through your day.

Here is to finding strength and peace in the quiet moments.

Loddie Allison, Founder

My great-grandmother, Yasuyo Watanabe Kawamura, in the early 1990s.