Porto is reimagining everyday travel with objects built for mobility, intimacy, and ease. 

Porto is a study in travel: each move a form of exploration and each day an array of textures, impressions, and experiences. Whether you’re commuting to work or setting out for a new country, this everyday movement is both universal and individual.

Porto’s first product, The Pouch, is cut, stitched, and finished by hand with refined materials, bringing a human touch to modern life and inviting us to consider it with care.

The collection takes its name from its Latin form, Porto/Portare, meaning “I carry” and “to carry,” which is related to the Greek word Peiro, “I traverse.” Porto believes in thoughtfully choosing not only the objects we carry, but also the words, images, and emotions that constitute our thoughts and memories, collected from years of moving through life.


We believe in economy of material, timeless processes, and wabi sabi.

Each of our objets are made by hand. The skins are special and unique, the hand stitching is too, and the object itself adapts to its wearer...


As a fashion company focused on travel, we are aware of the harsh impact these industries have on the natural environment.

For this reason, we are conscious of only producing essentials you’ll wear again and again. Additionally, we have built sustainable practices into every step of our supply chain. 


Porto is a carbon-neutral company. In partnership with Pachama, we reforest land near our New York offices in Hudson Farm in order to directly offset our carbon footprint. Our objects are delivered with carbon neutral shipping. 


Every material is chosen with attention given to source, longevity, and sustainability.  We partner with decades-old, family-owned Italian tanneries and mills. We only source raw materials that are produced from, and will biodegrade back into, the earth. Our nappa goat leather is a byproduct of the meat industry. Our cotton is organic and GOTS-certified. 

Production and Packaging 

Porto objects are made by hand in small batches. This is both gentler on the environment and the skilled craftsmen and women responsible for making them. Biodegradable and recyclable materials are used for wrapping, packaging, and shipping. 


Everything we make is built to last a lifetime. We hope it’s a rare occasion, but if you do choose to retire your Porto, we will upcycle your item for you.