Still Life by Bambou Roger-Kwong

Still Life by Bambou Roger-Kwong

I tend to be very sensitive, and I love the idea of remembering good memories just by casting my eyes on an object. 


The Kokeshi was offered by my friend Lucile Demory to my daughter at her birth, she knows I’m a big fan of Japanese culture.


Right above is a little vase I bought at Mashiko, Japan a few years ago. The story behind this vase is very cute, the saleswoman wasn’t able to remember the name of the potter who did it. We left the shop and an hour later, we saw this lady running toward us. She actually ran all over the village to find us to give us the card of the potter as she finally remembered his name. The plate is made by my friend Cindy Liao Rasamoelina, she is so talented! There is poppy seeds, dried fruit and my Skirt Chronicle scrunchy on it. And a little bowl I made a few years ago, I like the moon shape of the glaze at the bottom.


The ring as been done by Esra Dandin, a remarkable ceramist and jeweler based in Istanbul. The pearl on it is actually breast-feeding milk, a souvenir I’ll give to my daughter Annie when she is older.

Indian Fan 

And an Indian fan I adore. I am currently working on my own brand and want to design one. It’s a very chic accessory don’t you think?


Bambou Roger-Kwong is a stylist and art director living in Paris. Pictured is the Pouch in Americano.