Still Life by Conie Vallese

Still Life by Conie Vallese

I often think of objects as a way to get close to a lived moment, a space, a person, an aroma.

My philosophy, when it comes to objects, is about having as little things as possible. I do have deep attachment to some things that I care for in a more sentimental way and take care of. I am opposed to all sorts of accumulation and unthoughtful consumerism. I think more about what to give away and get rid of over what to obtain, collect or buy.


This is a vase that was from my grandmother Esther, a beautiful, wise and fun woman who I deeply admired. I recall moments with her, clipping for some branches and flowers, and putting them in the vase, for a family dinner at her house. She loved making homemade pasta and she would make me choose the tablecloth for family meals. We would put this vase and the floral arrangements together before the guests coming over for dinner would arrive.


An Argentinian tradition and my eternal company. I enjoy the bitterness of the Yerba and this mate was a gift from my mother before I moved to NY. It makes me feel close to Argentina.


I use lemons for everything and every day. I always have a big bowl full of them. I simply enjoy the joyfulness of their yellow and they always transport me to summer.


An Alexander Calder lithograph from a 70’s magazine collective Derrière Le Mirror, this is a new printed edition that I got in Paris. What I like about his oeuvre the most is his jewelry work. I wish I had a piece of Calder’s jewelry like Georgia O’Keefe had.


I love old terracotta plates and ceramics in general. I am always looking for them in flea markets. This one in particular, has a swan and a sun, and makes me smile.

Conie Vallese is an artist living in New York. Pictured is the Mini in Nero