Still Life by Neada Deters

Still Life by Neada Deters

Objects as a self portrait; a visual anatomy of my life.

Simple Gold Chain

The women in my family tend towards sentimentality when it comes to jewelry; we wear pieces passed down through generations, or purchased with the intent to one day pass on. This simple gold chain was my great grandmother’s. Her name was Blanche and she lived until 106, passing only last year. When I wear it, my memories of her echo through me.


$2 Note

I have carried a $2 note around in my wallet for good luck since I first moved to the States almost a decade ago. Every few years, I'll be in urgent need of a dollar or so—for a bus fare or for someone who needs infinitely more luck than me—so I let it go. Somehow one always comes back to me within a couple of weeks.


Art Literature

I studied art history and theory, and it was the impetus for my move to America—I wanted to live in New York for the art galleries. Though I'm no artist and far from a critic, art will always be a piece of who I am and many of the art literature I own has traveled with me across continents, and what feels like lifetimes. 


LESSE Regeneration Mist

My skin care company, LESSE, represents so much of who I am and my hope for what the world could be. Less focused on consumption, more considerate of the planet. Simple, effective, and welcoming for all. 


Neada Deters is the founder and CEO of LESSE. Pictured is the Pouch in Cammello.