Still Life by Nicole Rice

Still Life by Nicole Rice

In general, I believe less is more, but when it comes to books and magazines, I tend to accumulate.

This is the corner of my house where I do my work. I usually have my magazines and a rotation of books that are currently providing inspiration and comfort.

Akari Light Sculpture & Wayne Pate Print 

Both are gifts from my husband. We have moved many times, but these objects have been consistently in my work area and have provided brightness, simplicity and beauty to each space.

My Current Magazines

These are some of my biggest indulgences. I have an ongoing wishlist on Etsy, Ebay and other bookstores that I slowly purchase from. Recently I have been looking for Japanese editions from the 80s and 90s because they are always full of creativity, beauty and surprises. I love sharing my finds and get so much joy out of finding special photos that capture the essence of the simplicity aesthetic.

Donald Judd Writings 

I love the look of this book and picking it up on any random page and getting a snippet of his thoughts. With two little children I tend to choose books that I can pick up and read in little bits and pieces. Eventually I would like to get back to reading books cover to cover! 

Everything Is Waiting For You by David Whyte 

My dad passed on in January and I have found peace in the deeply touching poetry of David Whyte and John O’Donohue. Another example of a book that I can open to any page and jump right in.

Armani Planner

Armani invited me to Milan last year for a Peter Lindbergh exhibit called ‘A Sense of Belonging’ right before the pandemic hit. I bought myself this notebook as a souvenir and proof that the trip actually happened! It was so lovely and felt like a dream.

Alice Neel: Painter of Modern Life

I studied Art History and love having art books around. I especially love her depictions of motherhood.

Cape Light by Joel Meyerowitz

Getting me excited for the summer season in the Northeast. 

Nicole Rice is a fashion consultant and the eye behind Simplicity City. Pictured is the Pouch in Nero