Still Life by Ryan Lopes

Still Life by Ryan Lopes

These are the starting steps—and concluding parts—I need for the day. 

Watch and Bracelet

My watch and bracelet like many accessories are in constant rotation. I don’t overthink my pairings as much. I just thoroughly like combining what I have and finalizing a realistic look for my day. I do value the moments of intimacy they carry with me—they remind me of how things become apart of you, and how time is illusive in that regard.


My scent is by Sigil, a non-binary/gender-neutral fragrance line inspired by esoteric traditions, like the many my family carry regarding attracting force, energy, and light upon our own vessels. The line is entirely of natural fine fragrances that remind me of my youth, and the transition since. I just find myself holding onto all of that in a way that feels like me, being able to make connections from their origin (them).

Hand Cream

I always pack a hand cream; our hands do so much for us. Taking some time for a light massage and moisture is the very least, I think.

35mm Camera

My 35mm camera is a compact, all manual Japan made 35mm format. I purchased it probably 5 years ago now, upon research of some cool cameras that take great photos. I also loved how small it was, as it is identified as the smallest 35mm camera designed. Over the past few years, experimenting with film, trying different labs, learning about the eligibility of these cameras I became more confident in my imagery and am more skilled in shooting manually (also trusting what I am capturing). This one is always fun to bring out now & again and to take it back to square one.


My airpods were a gift from my sister this past year. I didn’t think how nice these would be to have, as I’ve always had wired earphones and thought those were great and designed nicely. It was such a sweet gift; I use them all the time. It’s the perfect way to tune out and enjoy my curated playlists.

Ryan Lopes is a creative director living in Rhode Island. Pictured is the Pouch in Americano.